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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Christmas Fitness, Weight Loss, Diet Plan and Health Tips

Lose Weight This Christmas
It’s Christmas, and you must be surely worried about the diet you are going to have on this festive season. All that wine, sweets, cakes and high protein fatty non-vegetarian diet is sure to make you a bit obese.

So, whats the best way not to gain that waist length? Prepare early!!

You don’t have to break your gym routines and morning walks because it is Christmas. Just schedule it in a better way so that it won’t affect your family re-unions and other personal celebrations. Drink less alcohol, because it not only helps you to reduce the chances of gaining weight but also helps you wake up early and do all that jogging, yoga and gym sessions. Another idea is to break your work-out sessions, make it half an hour at morning and half an hour in the evening. It makes you less exhausted and will help you to do that extra reps.
Coming to your diet, try having dark chocolate instead of white chocolates. Dark chocolates are proved to help your immune system and heart where as white chocolates will make you fat pretty quickly. So, if you are buying a cake or candies, Diet n’ Weight Tips recommends you to buy that Black Forest or the similar ones with less cream on it.

Drink lots and lots of water. It’ll help you get less booze and will also allow you eat less making your muscles hydrated and weigh less.

Another great tip for weight loss during festive season like Christmas is to join a dance class. It’ll entertain yourself as well as lose your extra fat. You will enjoy it more if you have a partner. Call in your husband/wife, brother or sister to join you for the dance. Later on you can show your dance moves on the family gathering too. Double advantage. Isn’t it?

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