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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Keep Your Metabolism Strong As You Diet to Lose Weight

This article shares tips for losing weight fast by doing the right things to keep your metabolism strong. Your metabolism is your body’s engine and it is what converts the calories you eat into energy. The stronger your metabolism runs the more calories and fat your body burns. Many people make the mistake of dieting continuously and this slows their metabolism making it harder to lose weight. To discover the way to keep your metabolism high while dieting read on.

Tips for losing weight fast

So you are ready to lose weight and you find a diet plan that you feel comfortable following. That’s great and it will likely work…for a while. But if you stick with a restricted calorie intake for too long you will get an unwelcome response from your body.

Your body is wonderful at adapting to your eating routine. If you eat fewer calories for weeks on end your body will adapt to this new lower level by slamming the brakes on your metabolism making it very difficult to shed pounds.

So how do you keep your metabolism strong as you diet to lose weight? The solution is to learn how to strategically “cheat” on your diet. By scheduling one day a week as an overeating day where you consume at least 25-50% more calories you boost your metabolic rate back up to near normal levels.

Will this cause weight gain? A common concern is that this overeating day will cause you to lose ground on your weight loss but in reality this method actually speeds your overall lose. Because your metabolism rebounds so quickly your body does not have time to store the extra food you eat as fat and while you will experience some water weight gain the next morning this will easily flush out and by the end of the next week of dieting you will have a faster and greater weight loss then if you had not cheated.

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