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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Strategies For Success in Weight Loss – 2 Weight Loss Strategies on Taste Buds and Almonds For Snack

You just need the strategy to win for success. So if you consider planning to win your weight loss battle, you also need to have a great plan. This piece of information will allow you to have some insights how to your own weight loss strategies.

The first strategy is that you should be careful of taste bud betrayal. According to a research from Malawi, hunger increases healthy adult men’s sensitivity to salty and sweet tasting foods. Thus, this makes you more tempted to eat those junk foods in the vending machine. After all, there are either sweet or salty and they will surely be more irresistible when you are hungry.

As a healthy advice, you need to condition your taste buds to savor the food in small amounts. Thus, the plan is to stave off your craving by eating small portions. Eat frequently during the day and avoid bingeing and losing your fight against weight loss.

Another advice is to opt for almonds as part of your daily diet, especially snacks. Together with proper exercise and calorie-reduced diet, almonds can help you achieve up to 18% lost weight over six months. This was found by the study from City of Hope National Medical Center.

You can also replace your usual chips snacks with almonds. Almonds are dense with nutrients and have mono unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber. This combination allows you feel fuller for longer periods. Find whole almonds in unsalted, raw, or dry-roasted state. 20 almonds can be a great snack. If you are dieting fast and want a meal replacement, have 50 whole almonds.

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