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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Valentine’s Day Diet Tips

Valentine’s Day Diet
The fact is that, each calendar year thousands of dieter’s New Year’s weight loss promises are quickly wrecked when Cupid’s arrow strikes in mid-February. All of those delightful and self-indulgent sweets can be tricky to withstand on Valentine’s Day; especially when offered by your true love. There are several ways you can still enjoy this passionate holiday without ruining your diet.

One excellent way to spend a fantastic Valentine’s Day with each other, without concerning about the diet damage you might receive, is to think outside of the box and offer gifts that are 100% calorie free. While conventional Valentine gifts generally involve vibrant chocolate and other calorie packed special treats, there are plenty of romantic presents you can give that that will be just as treasured. Think about a bath/spa basket or romantic CD or DVD. If you’re feeling particularly romantic and artistic, get hold of a nice piece of stationary and create a romantic love letter. Other diet friendly ideas consist of customized coupons, naming a star after your beloved and a nice bottle of their favorite aroma or perfume. And, of course, flowers are constantly a big Valentine’s Day hit and do not contain a single calorie.

If you’re worried that your dearest might accidentally ruin your diet with those hard to resist Valentine treats, make sure to let him or her know early on that you want to stay to your diet plans. Make plans now to take pleasure in an evening together that doesn’t involve a large meal and loaded dessert.

Valentine’s Day Diet Tips Prefer for preparing a strawberry or cherry gelatin mold in the form of a heart and enhance with fat-free whipped topping. Various fruits, such as berries, served with a delightful low-fat dip, also makes a superb Valentine’s day dessert.

Chocolate coated strawberries work nicely with the South Beach diet and are extremely romantic. You can enjoy eight of these self-indulgent treats for less than 170 calories. For an elegant and luscious Valentine’s dessert, make a low-fat chocolate mousse by substituting cocoa power and fat-free milk along with fat-free egg substitute. You can easily eliminate 300 calories off this yummy dessert and not feel at all starving this February 14th.Remember that a self-indulgent Valentine’s dinner doesn’t have to be a lethal weapon in cover. If your sweetheart is adhering to the Atkins diet, he or she will get pleasure from your concern when you serve up a tasty low-carb Valentine’s dinner such as oysters on the half shell or lobster tails with garlic butter and a tasty green salad. For South Beach dieters, contemplate broiled fish in a light cream sauce or a grilled steak.


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